The Eugene Family Dental Difference

There are a lot of dentists out there, and a lot of dentist offices. How do you know you’re making the right choice by bringing your family to Eugene Family Dental? We provide dental care with a difference, and it’s what helps us stand out from the crowd.

The Technological Difference

At Eugene Family Dental, we recognize the importance of staying current with technology. Modern dentistry provides for an overall better experience for the patient. Not only does new technology get you better results, it also creates care that is safer, faster, higher quality, and much more interactive – some of our newest tools allow you to see amazing images and results in real time!

Digital X-rays provide an image clarity that film could never compete with. Not only that, but they are far faster, allowing us to give precise diagnoses almost instantly! Digital X-rays also require far less radiation than traditional ones, meaning you are also safer!

Precision electric handpieces make tooth preparation for cosmetic and restorative procedures far faster. This results in quicker appointments, leaving you more time in your busy schedule for the other important things in your life!

Intraoral cameras are small, handheld devices that project a live image onto a monitor in our exam rooms. While we inspect the hard-to-see spots in your mouth, you’ll be able to see the same things we do!

Zoom! light whitening uses a special LED that whitens your teeth fast! You’ll leave our office with a smile you’ll absolutely love! Even better, the whitening process only takes about 45 minutes!

Soft-tissue lasers let us reshape gum tissue for both cosmetic and gum disease treatments. This amazing technology instantly vaporizes soft tissue and seals the wound at the same time! You’ll heal faster with far less risk of secondary infection.

The Comfort Difference

We specialize in treating patients with dental anxiety and phobia. Our office has been completely designed around providing a dental care experience that is relaxing, comfortable, and approachable. From the moment you step into our waiting room, you’ll feel like you’ve found a dental care home! To make you feel comfortable and take your mind off the fear you might associate with dental care, we offer:

  • A waiting room with comfortable chairs and a couch! We also offer free WIFI, a TV, and a beverage bar for you to enjoy while you wait!
  • Treatment rooms with large windows offering a beautiful, natural view. You’ll feel at ease enjoying some of the great scenery that makes Eugene unique.
  • Ceiling-mounted televisions in each room – relax and take your mind off your care!
  • Blankets and heated neck supports – if you want to warm up and get comfortable, just let us know.
  • For patients still concerned about their fear levels, we offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

The Care Difference

We’ve built our practice on the philosophy that dental care doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, and that you should be able to trust your dental care provider to give you great results without pain. When you go to the doctor, you know you’ll leave with a feeling that you’re going to get better, and the dentist should make you feel the same way!

Our customized, patient-specific care will be designed to get you the unique results you need. We don’t believe that great care is a one-size-fits-all system, and we will treat you like the unique person that you are!

We strive to create perfect results that will amaze you and make Eugene Family Dental the place for all of your oral health needs! If you’re ready to experience firsthand the difference we can provide, call us today
at 541-484-1235. We look forward to showing you what great dental care really looks like!