What Can A Smile Makeover Give YOU?

They say it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown – but “they” never met Bob.

Bob has been a patient of mine for years, but when we first met, Bob wasn’t smiling. And it’s not like I could blame him: For years, Bob had put up with a number of broken teeth, injuries he had sustained in high school.

“Yeah, I was a football player,” he told me. I could tell: In his mid-twenties, Bob still had the profile of a linebacker. But he didn’t carry himself like it, instead walking into my Eugene dentist’s office with his massive shoulders hanging low. I could tell Bob was having some serious confidence issues, which he explained had been a problem ever since that tackle cost him his smile.

“My family didn’t have enough money to really fix the damage,” he told me, “which only added to the embarrassment. I spent the rest of high school learning how not to smile.”

As much as I wanted to tell him that all of this probably could have been avoided had he just worn a custom athletic mouthguard, I didn’t feel like that was the time to do it. Dentists need a good bedside manner, too, and I didn’t want to rub salt in his wounds.

What I did want to do, however, was let Bob know that he did the right thing by finally going to see his Eugene dentist.

In Bob’s case, the damage wasn’t as bad as it looked. I could tell that, despite the damage, Bob kept his daily brushing and flossing habits, preventing any gum disease or other oral infection from setting in and causing even more damage. I was initially worried that I would have to provide a gum disease treatment first, which would have lowered Bob’s spirits more, but his maintenance really paid off.

And fortunately for him, the damage wasn’t so severe that the teeth themselves were in any real danger or had died, with the exception of a front tooth which had definitely begun to rot recently.

In Bob’s case – which might also be similar to yours – I recommended extracting the dead tooth and replacing it with an implant-retained crown, and chemical bonding for the remaining cracked teeth.

In all, it took just a couple of visits to get all of the work done that Bob needed to get done, and I wish I could accurately describe to you the moment when Bob first looked in the mirror when his smile makeover was complete. I don’t think Bob will mind me sharing this with you, but this battleship of a man openly wept tears of joy when he first saw his brand new smile.

“I can’t stop smiling,” he said through wet eyes. “Thank you!”

When Bob suddenly hugged me in that moment, I thought he cracked one of my ribs. But even if he had, it would have been worth it: It is moments like that which make being a dentist so rewarding – and it is exactly this kind of moment that a smile makeover can give you.


Breaking Down The Elements of Your Smile

I like to think that there are patients like Bob all over the place. You don’t have to be a former football player to have endured serious, debilitating damage to your smile, nor do you have to be a burly young man to be too proud to see your Eugene dentist. Shame and anxiety come in all shapes and sizes, but so does a smile makeover.

Every smile makeover I perform is custom-tailored to each individual patient. The process begins when you come to my office for a consultation appointment. As with Bob, we’ll begin with a simple conversation about your smile so I can find out where you want your smile to go. Based on this conversation and a thorough dental examination, I will come up with the appropriate treatments to deliver the smile you deserve.

It could be one treatment, or 10; it just depends on your needs.

If there’s is one thing I guarantee, it is that virtually every smile makeover I have performed has the same result: A patient like Bob, who can learn to smile again without fear or shame.

I want you to be like Bob, and if you do, too, then please quit procrastinating and reach out to me at 458-205-5189, or fill out this simple web form to make your appointment with us online.