Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Treating the youngest members of your family is just as important as treating you, especially at such a formative age! If you’ve ever suffered from fear or anxiety over visiting the dentist, think back to where that fear began – you may not be able to recall how it started, but there’s a good possibility it was when you were young!

At Eugene Family Dental, we firmly believe in taking a proactive approach to our youngest patients. We can start seeing your children as soon as they have their first tooth, and we work hard to create a great environment for them!

Easing Your Child Into Care

The dentist can be scary for young patients, which is why we’d love you to bring your youngest along with you to your appointments! When your child is in our office with you, they can enjoy toys in the waiting room, and even a toy chest full of goodies!

We’ll also take the time to show your child around the office and introduce them to all of the equipment we use. By familiarizing them with dentistry at a young age, your child is far more likely to continue having great dental care habits as they grow into adulthood! Our staff is dedicated to creating smiles that last a lifetime, and that means we work hard to make your children comfortable!

When Should My Child First Have an Appointment?

It can be difficult to determine when to first take your child in for dental care. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a visit by your child’s first birthday or within six months of the eruption of their first tooth. This ensures that any complications from teething and tooth growth can be identified early, and so that we can teach you anything you need to know about caring for your young one’s teeth.

Early visits to our office will mainly involve visual inspection of your child’s mouth and counting of their teeth. Once your child has their third birthday, we’ll begin cleaning and polishing their teeth, as well as taking an X-ray. Along with a full exam of their oral health, we’ll assure your child will have a healthy, happy smile as they age and grow into their adult teeth.

Although some people think that baby teeth aren’t important to keep clean and cavity free, these teeth are fundamental to your child’s future oral health! By ensuring their baby teeth are kept healthy, their adult teeth are given a better chance!

Your child’s baby teeth not only help them speak and eat; they also are integral in the growth of their adult set. If any teeth are lost early, the adult teeth that need that space can come in crooked or not at all! The empty space left by a baby tooth can cause the premature adult tooth to drift out of place and can be a source of discomfort for your child as well as an expense that is easily avoided.

Taking your children to the dentist early on is not just important to their developing oral health but also to their adult habits! Give your children the best chance at a healthy future by bringing them into our office today! You can reach us at 541-484-1235 or by using our online form. Don’t hesitate to bring your child with you to your appointment or simply stop by to get them familiar! We look forward to seeing you and your young ones soon!