Tooth Extractions

At Eugene Family Dental, our goal is always to preserve and protect your natural teeth. When circumstances arise that make saving a natural tooth impossible, we can extract your teeth with as little pain and fear as possible!

Dental Extraction is always a last resort, but it does happen. There are a number of reasons for extracting a tooth, and for almost every reason, we have a solution in place to help you recover your smile!

Why Extract Teeth?

There are a multitude of reasons extraction can become necessary. We will extract teeth in any of the following situations:

Severe tooth damage can necessitate extraction. If the tooth is in too bad a condition to be crowned, filled, or otherwise repaired, we will remove it. This can be due to a severe fracture, excess decay, or damage below the gumline due to gum disease.

Crowded teeth that are causing problems with your bite or discomfort in your jaw can be removed to relieve pain and create a straighter smile. If your teeth are removed for this reason, we can even straighten your smile with Invisalign!

Infection in surrounding soft tissue may cause tooth decay to spread into your gums. When this happens, it can quickly become necessary to extract a tooth. This will not only remove the origin of the infection, but it will also allow us to preserve neighboring teeth and restore the health of your gums.

Wisdom teeth can often grow in crooked or impacted. Although we don’t extract wisdom teeth in our office, we’ll refer you to a trusted local oral surgeon who can perform the service for you!

The Extraction Process

When you come to our office for a tooth extraction, we’ll start by making sure you’re comfortable. If you’re nervous about your treatment, we’re happy to provide you with a variety of patient amenities and sedation if necessary.

Once you’ve relaxed and are ready for your procedure, we’ll numb the area with a local anesthetic and proceed to remove the tooth. Don’t worry – you won’t feel a thing!


Once your tooth is removed, you’ll notice a soft blood clot form in the tooth socket. Be careful not to cause this to fall out or you’ll end up with a dry socket, which can be very painful! To ensure a quick, safe healing process after your extraction, be sure to:

  • take your prescribed painkillers
  • avoid drinking through a straw
  • leave any gauze placed in your mouth for about three to four hours
  • don’t smoke during the healing process
  • eat soft foods
  • brush your teeth as usual, but take extra care around the socket
  • avoid spitting or swishing water or mouthwash
  • use a cold compress to alleviate any swelling

If you follow these instructions, your tooth extraction will go just fine! Healing can take a couple of weeks, but most of that time will be simple and maintenance-free. After you’ve fully recovered, we can discuss any restoration options you are interested in!

Don’t wait to find out if you need tooth extraction – call our office today to be sure your oral health is safe! You can reach us at 541-484-1235 or by filling out our online appointment form. We look forward to helping you soon!