Tooth Fillings

Fillings Made From the Newest Materials!

Fillings – in the course of your life, the likelihood that you’ll need one is pretty great, but how often have you been worried about the ugly appearance of a metal filling ruining your perfectly good smile? If you need a filling but don’t want to worry about the problems that come with metal amalgam, then we have just the solution for you: fillings made from dental composite!

Dental composite is the new standard in tooth restoration and is used for a variety of applications. As a filling, dental composite is added when soft and then hardened after being shaped and applied. Composite is made from a mix of plastics and glass, making it look just like your natural tooth – we can even match the shade perfectly!

The Composite Advantage

Dental composites have a number of advantages over metal amalgam. They don’t just look better, they function better as well! Amalgam is a metal, and so it is far harder than the natural material in your teeth. Since your natural teeth have a very slight flexibility when chewing, amalgam can end up causing damage to a filled tooth as it distributes force incorrectly. Composite, on the other hand, is able to distribute force just like your natural teeth, keeping your filled teeth safer!

Another great advantage to using composite is its bonding capability. Metal amalgam fillings require a larger removal of tooth matter in order to create a place for the metal to “lock in” to your tooth. Without an extended hole to secure it, amalgam could fall right out! Composite, on the other hand, is specially formulated to create a secure bond with your teeth! This means we don’t have to remove healthy portions of your tooth, leaving you with a more natural smile!

Composite is also able to react to temperatures better, allowing it to expand and contract with your teeth. Amalgam cannot do this, and so temperature variations can lead to further damage to your teeth.

Composite’s bonding qualities also make it easier to repair – if your filling becomes chipped or damaged, we can simply add more! Along with the aesthetic advantages, bonding capability, and the fact that composite acts more like your natural teeth, it’s an amazing advancement in fillings!

Getting a Filling

If you’re worried about the filling process, we can help ease any anxieties you have. After you’re comfortable, we’ll numb the area of your mouth where the target tooth is located and then proceed to clean out any decayed portion of your tooth.

Once we’ve cleaned the tooth, we’ll fill the cavity with composite and shape it to match your existing healthy tooth. We’ll then harden it using a specially formulated light, polish it, and you’ll be all set! No one will even know you have a filling!

If you’re worried that you might need a dental filling, don’t wait for your tooth to get worse! Call us today at 541-484-1235 or make an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!