Relieving Dental Anxiety

Fear-Free Dentistry: It’s a Reality With Us!

Dental care can be a pretty frightening idea, even to people who aren’t “dental phobic.” You might associate dental care with pain, bleeding, and someone poking around in your mouth – none of those are pleasant ideas! At Eugene Family Dental, we’ve treated countless patients with the same fears that you have, and we’ve helped all of them find a more comfortable, anxiety-free dental care experience than they ever thought possible!

DentalAnxiety treatments in our office start with our amazing staff. We have been helping patients overcome dental anxiety and find their comfort zone for years, and all of our staff are calm, compassionate, and reassuring. You won’t find anyone here frustrated because you’re scared or worried!

We also feature a number of amenities designed to help you relax:


  • Beverage bar and comfortable seating in our waiting room.
  • Blankets and heated neck pillows – feel comfortable in the chair!
  • Ceiling mounted TVs in our operatory rooms – you can relax and watch a soothing video!
  • Large windows with a great view of our surrounding natural environment.
  • Longer appointment times if requested – we want you to take as long as you need to!

We always want you to feel comfortable during your appointment, and we are glad to go the extra mile to help you get into a good state of mind. If our comfort options don’t seem to be enough to help you, we also have one more available option: sedation dentistry!

Sedation Dentistry

For patients with high levels of anxiety and fear about their dental care, we gladly offer sedation options. We understand that some patients won’t be put at ease by our great staff, welcoming office environment, and other amenities, which is why we’re ready to offer a sure-fire way to take the fear out of your dental care.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is available for patients who are nervous about any kind of dental service, from cleanings to more time-intensive procedures. It takes effect quickly once the nosepiece is put in place and wears off just as quickly once it’s removed. You’ll feel relaxed and still be completely alert – laughing gas will simply make you not care about your procedure at all!

Dental Oral sedation is prescribed as Valium. Before your appointment you’ll take a single pill, and within the course of an hour, you’ll feel completely at ease and may even fall asleep! Oral sedation is ideal for longer appointments and procedures due to its stronger effects, and it can create a perfectly relaxed state for even the most nervous of patients.

Due to the strength of oral sedation, we will require you to bring a friend or family member who can drive you home.

We’ve been working hard for years to create a welcoming environment for even the most anxious and frightened patients, and we’d love to show you the difference you can experience at Eugene Family Dental! Contact us today to schedule an appointment at 541-484-1235 or by filling out our online form. We look forward to providing you with fear-free dentistry!