Gum Reshaping / Gummy Smile Treatment

When you smile, how much of your gums do you show? If your smile is mostly gums, you might feel embarrassed about the way you look, or perhaps your gums cover so much of your teeth that they seem too long. If you’ve wanted to find a remedy for your gummy smile, then Eugene Family Dental can help, and all without the pain and lengthy healing time that was required in the past!

Gum reshaping involves the removal of healthy gum tissue to lengthen your crowns and give your teeth the proper exposed length that they need to give you a great smile. By simply removing the tissue, we can unlock a smile that’s always been there and hasn’t yet been able to see the light of day!

Modern Technology That’s Almost Completely Painless!

In the past, gum reshaping and crown lengthening had to be done using a scalpel. This meant bleeding, stitches, and a long healing time with the possibility of infection while healing. This made a gum reshaping a tricky procedure, and it might have stopped you from having one done before!

Using modern diode laser technology, we are now able to reshape your gums without ever having to make a single cut! The secret lies in our incredibly versatile soft-tissue lasers, which can be finely tuned to remove only the parts of your gums that we want to!

These lasers remove soft tissue without ever making direct contact with your gums, and they are incredibly gentle when doing so! The light of the laser is able to instantly vaporize your gum tissue while sealing the portion of your gums left behind. This means no bleeding, faster healing times, and a more accurate view for your dentist while you sit in the chair!

Healing After Gum Reshaping

Removal of healthy gum tissue, especially using our diode lasers, is a very straightforward procedure. Once your gum tissue is removed and fresh portions of your teeth are exposed, you’ll be able to heal easily over the course of several weeks. In many cases, you’ll simply have a small amount of inflammation and little other discomfort!

Because there are no stitches used to reshape your gums using a soft-tissue laser, there is no actual tissue that has to reseal itself. The laser instantly seals your gums and leaves you without any kind of surgical wound!

Dental lasers are an amazing new tool at our disposal, and you can get the smile you want quickly and easily using this state-of-the-art technique! If you want gum reshaping and reveal the smile that’s been hiding for so long, call us today at 541-484-1235 or fill out our online appointment form. We look forward to seeing you soon!