Family Dentistry

girlYou need someone to keep your teeth healthy, and if you have a family that you’re also responsible for, you need someone for them, too. Anyone who treats adults is also qualified to treat children and older family members, too, right? It might make sense to think that, but trusting the health of young and old teeth to just any dentist can be a bad idea.

At Eugene Family Dental, we take our name seriously: we’re a family dental practice! The needs of patients young, adult, and senior are all very different, and we’ve been treating them all for years! Dr. Ben and our team are all very experienced in taking care of everyone from your children to your parents to your grandparents, and we love to see whole families come in for care!

How Are Dental Needs Different Throughout Life?

As you age, your dental needs change considerably. Early in life it’s important to ensure baby teeth are coming in correctly and to teach good habits. As an adult, the longevity of your teeth starts to become a concern – cavities, trauma, and other life events start to show, and you have to start taking more preventative measures to preserve your teeth. Passing into your later years means that reconstruction starts to become more important – no matter how well you take care of your teeth, things can still happen!

Young Patients

We treat young patients starting as soon as they get their first tooth! It’s important to keep track of your young one’s development over time so that we can assess their needs as they grow. Initially, we only count the teeth on those younger than three, but after that normal dental care will begin.

Adult Patients

Whether you want to fix a part of your smile you don’t like or need to restore damaged teeth, we’re here for you! As an adult, you don’t just want to prevent damage. You also want a smile you love and the confidence that comes with it! We’ll get you the very smile you’ve dreamed of and will keep your teeth healthy while we’re at it!

Older Patients

Proper dental care can prevent a lot of damage, but there’s always the possibility that age will take its toll on your teeth. We offer advanced denture solutions as well as dental implant restoration to help meet the needs of you and the older members of your family. Just because you’ve aged doesn’t mean you don’t want a great smile!

At Eugene Family Dental, we have the best interests of your whole family at the forefront of every procedure we perform. If you have any questions about the family dentistry we provide, or want to schedule an appointment, call us today at 541-484-1235! You can also schedule an appointment using our online form. We look forward to treating you and your family soon!