Cosmetic Dentistry

The Smile You’ve Always Wanted Is Just a Visit Away!

Your smile tells the world a lot about you, and it’s also one of the first things people notice! If it’s a smile you aren’t happy with, then you probably aren’t putting off the face to the world that you want to! Whether you just want a whiter smile or are in need of extensive reshaping of your teeth and gums, we can make your dream a reality!

How do you smile? Do you keep your mouth closed, raise a hand to cover your teeth, or try another tactic to hide imperfections? You may not even realize what you’re doing because your dissatisfaction with your teeth is so ingrained! At Eugene Family Dental, we want to help you regain your self-confidence and smile so the whole world can see your beautiful teeth with Cosmetic Dentistry!

Our Cosmetic Services

You can rest assured that we’ll provide superior cosmetic services for any flaw you want corrected. Our services feature state-of-the-art technology designed to make treatment faster, easier, and far more pain-free than ever before!


We use advanced porcelain veneers to work wonders on your smile. Built to be ultra thin and super strong, our veneers can repair chips, whiten stained teeth, reshape and perfect the look of your teeth, and create a perfect new look! Think of a veneer as a false nail for your teeth, but one that creates an amazing lifelike look!

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is an excellent option for patients who don’t want or can’t afford veneers. Bonding is done directly on your teeth using dental composites made of plastic and glass, and it can be used to reshape your teeth into the perfect look! The great thing about bonding is that it doesn’t require the removal of tooth enamel that most veneers do, and it can also be done on smaller areas of the tooth instead of covering the entire front surface.


For a whiter, brighter smile that will positively glow, we’re proud to offer Zoom whitening! This great system uses a combination of gel and LED lights to create a super white smile in only 45 minutes! We also offer take-home whitening solutions that you can use in the comfort of your own home!



Do you have spots on your teeth that are whiter than the rest or a dark brown? Caused by either too little or too much fluoride at too early an age, these spots aren’t deep and aren’t permanent! Using microabrasion tools, we can gently remove the discolored enamel to reveal beautiful white enamel underneath. In just one visit, you can have a beautiful smile that you’ll love!

Soft-Tissue Lasers

Showing too much of your gums when you smile? Using soft-tissue lasers that instantly vaporize and seal tissue, we can reshape your gums and lengthen your crowns without bleeding and with vastly reduced healing time! You can get a great new look without a single cut from a scalpel!


Getting a straighter smile used to mean having to wear braces for up to (or more than) two years! With modern Invisalign technology, you can get a straight smile faster, and all without the hassle of wearing metal braces! Eat, clean your teeth, and live life without the hassle of permanently attached braces!

Smile Makeovers

You might look at this list above and say, “Those seem great, but I need more than one treatment!” For patients like you, we offer complete smile makeovers. You can take your teeth from embarrassing to Hollywood ready with a series of carefully planned treatments! We are also able to digitally model your new smile so you’ll be able to see the final results before we even begin treatment!

If you are interested in any of the dental cosmetic treatments mentioned above, don’t live with a smile you dislike any longer! Call us today to schedule an appointment at 541-484-1235, or simply fill out our online form. We look forward to helping you get your dream smile!