I’m Embarrassed to smile

Your smile: what comes to mind when you think of it? Confidence? Embarrassment? A wish that it was as picture-perfect as your favorite Hollywood A-lister? If you’ve been living with a smile you don’t love, don’t do so for one more minute! You don’t deserve to continue hiding your smile behind your hand when you could be living with a great set of bright, white teeth! At Eugene Family Dental, we have the perfect solutions to get you the smile of your dreams!

Cosmetic treatment is one of the things we specialize in, and we’ve created countless smiles for people in Eugene – some who might even be your friends and neighbors! We use the most advanced techniques and state-of-the-art materials to provide lifelike cosmetic treatments that will leave you amazed!

Start Your Cosmetic Journey With Us!

When you come to Eugene Family Dental to find your perfect smile, we’ll take that journey together! Starting with a thorough examination of your oral health, we’ll determine which cosmetic procedures will deliver your best result, but ultimately you’ll get to decide what we do! Collaboration is key to getting you a smile that fills you with confidence!

Whether you just want a whiter smile or think your teeth could use a makeover, we can do it all under one roof! Your time is valuable, and we don’t think you should have to go from specialist to specialist to get work done!

What Can We Do to Make You Smile?

Getting the boost of confidence a great smile can bring might be only a visit away! We offer a wide array of cosmetic services, such as:

Veneers can reshape, smooth, realign, and put a shine on your smile. If you have a tooth that’s chipped, gapped, stained, or just unsightly, we can put a whole new finish on it – and we can even do so without prep work!
Whitening can bring back the luster that gets lost over time. We can offer you whitening in our office or in the comfort of your own home! You can have a bright new smile in just hours!

Cosmetic bonding is a cost-effective, quick, and simple procedure that involves bonding tooth-colored resin to your teeth. Similar in function to veneers, it can reshape your teeth, repair cracks and chips, and give you a beautiful new smile!
Invisalign uses clear plastic trays to move your teeth into the perfect position. Just like braces and other orthodontic solutions, but without anyone ever knowing – they’ll just see your perfect new smile!

Microabrasion removes the thinnest layers possible of enamel from your teeth, scouring out stains that bleaching can’t eliminate. You’ll get rid of white spots and dark spots without pain in just one visit!

Gum reshaping can eliminate your gummy smile, and we do it with lasers! You’ll heal faster, you won’t bleed, and you’ll never even be cut!

Smile makeovers combine any number of treatments that we work together to plan. After several appointments and procedures, you’ll have a smile you can’t stop showing off to the world!

When it comes to perfecting smiles, we know our work, and we can’t wait to make your teeth the picture of perfection. Don’t wait to take the first steps toward a great smile – call us today at 541-484-1235 or make an appointment online! We look forward to seeing you soon!