Gum Disease Doesn’t Stand A Chance

If there’s one thing I always try to tell my patients, it’s to watch out for gum disease.

That’s because of

(1) how deceptive the disorder can be. Even patients of mine who by all appearances have a smile that looks healthy have actually been in the early stages of periodontal disease; and

(2) how utterly destructive and dangerous it can be for your smile as well as your overall health.

If I am able detect the disease while it was still in its infancy, then a crisis is avoided. Otherwise that seemingly perfect smile would have had to deal with bleeding gums and the “long in the tooth” look that is characteristic of the disease.

Yet catching gum disease early is one thing. Treating an advanced case of periodontitis is another thing entirely, because it requires a different strategy for treatment: Once you’ve got advanced gum disease, your Eugene dentist must treat the problem from a reactionary standpoint as the time for prevention ended once gum disease bacteria gained a foothold inside of your mouth.

When that happens – and it currently could be the case for you or for a loved one – then the clock has started ticking on your smile.

An Escalating Problem

At first, your gums will become noticeably red, puffy, and prone to bleeding even from just a light brushing. This is the early stage of gum disease, which is also known as gingivitis. It can be easily treated by a professional teeth cleaning or by just making sure that your brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily.

Once it becomes full-blown periodontitis, then you’ve passed the point where regular brushing and flossing can help. This is because the bacteria which causes gum disease burrows deep into the gum tissue beyond the reach of any toothbrush known to mankind, and can only be cleaned by a special technique known as root scaling and planing. This procedure gets deep down into the bacterial pockets which form between the tooth and the gum line can cleans them out with a high-pressure water system, leaving your mouth clean and clear from infection.

Unfortunately, after so long the infected gum tissue can actually die off as a result of the infection, leading to abscesses and other nasty surprises forming beneath the gum line. The complications from such a situation can result in the loss of multiple (or all of your) teeth, but the damage from such an advanced case won’t end there.

In recent years, the international medical community has discovered many links between advanced gum disease and a host of maladies, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and too many more to name here. That’s why treating your gum disease could very well be a life or death matter.

A Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatment For All

My practice can get rid of that infected tissue without putting you under the knife thanks to advances in laser-aided dentistry.

I have years of continuing education experience with laser periodontal disease treatment, and it has saved too many smiles to count over the years. Your smile just could be the next smile that I save with this amazing and gentle treatment!

It works by targeting the infected tissues and safely burning them away with a laser diode. Because I only target the infected tissue instead of cutting at your gums with a scalpel like most other dentists, I can ensure quick recovery times and a minimum of discomfort!

You heard me right the first time: The traditional method for treating advanced gum disease before lasers used to involve cutting away at the infected tissues. The problem with this method, as you can imagine, was that it was painful and often wound up damaging healthy gums as much as it did removing the infected, rotted tissues.

But you simply won’t have to worry about that when you choose Eugene Family Dental to get you or a loved one smiling in full health once again!

Make A Commitment To Healthy Smiles

You simply cannot let gum disease hang around your smile no matter what stage it’s in, because if it gets to the stage where brushing and flossing can beat it, then that’s when you need a Eugene dentist with the experience and a gentle hand to take care of the problem for you.

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