Dental Implants Restore More Than Beauty

A lot of times, you can define something more accurately by what it’s missing rather than by what’s there.

A good example would be the weather: Any day in which there is an absence of rain would be considered by most of us a good thing, let alone a minor miracle.

Another example – perhaps about a more sensitive subject – would be your smile. A smile with missing teeth is an unsightly smile, and is ripe for negative comments and unwanted stares from strangers.

Indeed, defining something by what it is not is something people do all the time, yet when it comes to a smile with one or more missing teeth, then you will find out the hard way that what’s missing is more than just teeth: It’s your self-confidence, your pride in your appearance, and even how intelligent people perceive you.

It’s superficial, but sadly it is just the way people work. No one will care if your remaining teeth are white and healthy-looking because they will be too busy noticing the ones that aren’t there. In this way, a smile with missing teeth can never truly be more than just a smile with missing teeth.

Unfortunately, there is little to stop a smile with missing teeth from becoming something much, much less. In fact, missing teeth can put what is left of your smile at a greater risk for a number of smile-destroying conditions, including:

  • Crooked “drifting” teeth
  • Gum disease and other infection
  • Loss of jaw bone density
  • Tooth decay
  • And many more

Just one of these issues will be enough to drag your smile down even further than where it already is, and it will be a matter of time before you’re facing an expensive corrective or emergency procedure to deal with the fallout.

Of course, that’s what will happen if you don’t act now and let your Eugene dentist restore function and allure back to your smile with dental implant restoration!

Making Sense of Your Smile

Dental implant restoration is the ideal way to literally restore missing teeth and get a smile that’s on its last leg back in the race, so to speak.

You will be able to chew, speak, and even smile with the kind of “take it for granted” confidence that most people with healthy smiles have – but you’ll be able to appreciate it more because you know what it’s like to wish for something that you don’t currently have.

Dental implants are a perfect way for most patients to have the smile they’ve always wanted by replacing a missing tooth (or even severely damaged or broken teeth) with an unbelievably strong artificial implant.

What Is A Dental Implant?

I was just getting to that! Quite simply, a dental implant is like an artificial root made from titanium that is carefully inserted into the jaw line. This procedure is the only invasive part of getting your smile back on track, and can be performed with anesthesia so you won’t feel any pain.

The implants are placed wherever they need to be, whether that’s just one to replace that missing molar, or even four to secure a set of glistening new dentures. They are as versatile as they are sturdy, and will form the backbone of your new smile.

I am confident that this combination of strength and flexibility will be perfect for your smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry Options Galore

Once you’ve received your new implant or implants, then major possibilities begin to open up for your smile.

The implant is just one half of the equation; the other is selecting the appropriate cosmetic dentistry procedure to finish the job.

For instance, if you’ve received one implant, then I will likely recommend a gorgeous new crown fashioned from either porcelain or zirconium (whicher material is best for your smile’s needs). The crown will fit on top of the implant and will be virtually indistinguishable from your other teeth.

Or let’s say you’re at the other end of the spectrum, and you’ve lost most or all of your teeth. A series of implants later, and I can install a brand new set of dentures or a series of porcelain dental bridges to bring functionality and beauty back to your smile.

The right option is always the one that’s best for you, and my passion is making that happen for all of my patients, especially you.

The Next Step

You don’t have to put up with being defined by what you lack anymore, because a dental implant can give you and your smile what you’ve been missing all along.

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