5 Steps For A Fresher Valentine’s Smile

Valentine’s Day is practically here – but your perfect smile is nowhere to be found.

Instead, you’ve waited to do get that necessary work done, making excuse after excuse why you don’t need to get treatment this month or the month after it, and now you must deal with the consequences.

If you have a smile that no one wants to kiss, then you might as well give up on Valentine’s Day, cancel your romantic plans, and vow to never smile again. Right?

As much as you might feel that way, you know that’s too unrealistic. Ironically, it’s too late now to cancel those date night plans anyway (unless a mysterious Aunt Edna falls suddenly ill…).

I hate to say it, but you’ll probably have to grin and bear it as best as you can, hoping that your date – whether it’s a new flame or an eternal one – gives your unsightly smile a pass.

While you may have needs that only a skilled Eugene dentist like me can fix, and now is probably too late to get an appointment in time, it doesn’t mean that you have to hide your smile (and the person attached to it) from the entire world on February 14th.

I still recommend that you request an appointment with my office just to check if there’s any availability before Valentine’s Day to at least get you a critical teeth cleaning or one-hour whitening session. Cupid may just smile upon you after all!


Last-Ditch Tips For A Passable Valentine’s Smile

Yet if you can’t get an appointment, all is not lost.

I’d like to share a few tips about how to improve your smile before that date. Hopefully, these steps can help take the rougher edges off of your grin.

Maybe, just maybe, these tips will be enough to keep your Valentine intrigued instead of running for the hills!

  • Freshen Your Breath – It may surprise how this obvious point can go completely forgotten. However, not all breath fresheners are created equally. If you have any plaque or suffer from gum disease, the sugars in many breath mints can actually wind up making your breath smell worse. I recommend sugar-free mint gums sweetened with xylitol, an artificial-sweetener that can actually prevent bacterial growth inside your mouth. Gargling a mouthrinse approved by the American Dental Association couldn’t hurt, either!
  • Dry Lips Sink Ships – There’s nothing worse than kissing a pair of dry, cracked lips. Make sure to keep a natural lip balm handy in case you’re suffering from an excessively dry mouth.
  • Stay Hydrated – Keeping your mouth lubricated can help wash away stinky bacteria that loves to hide in your mouth. Also, a dry mouth will actually accelerate bacterial growth, which can lead to smelly breath and gum disease.
  • Floss! – Because you procrastinated in getting an appointment with me while you still could, you could also wait to the last minute before your date and rush out of the door without flossing. Take five minutes to floss and your mouth will be free of any food particles that might be lurking in the spaces between your teeth. You don’t want your date to discover them later!
  • Eat Smart – It’s no secret that some foods cause bad breath. So while you’re out to dinner, try to avoid foods that are heavy in garlic and onions, as well as strong cheeses and red, spiced meats. They can make it difficult for your breath to recover for the rest of the night, even with a mint (or several!).

Following these tips can certainly help you achieve a more confident smile for Valentine’s Day, but they’re no substitute for quality oral health care like I can give you.

No matter how things turn out on the 14th, I want you to schedule an appointment with my office before these tips can’t help you at all. You could cause serious damage to your smile if you wait another year without professional treatment. What will you Valentine think then?

I can be reached at 458-205-5189, and you can also request an appointment online.

There’s no more time to lose!