Keep Oral Cancer At Bay With An Exam

Try as you might, it’ll take more than an apple a day to keep your smile healthy.

As we begin to approach Springtime in earnest this April, we also kick off the American Cancer Society’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

The connection between the state of your oral hygiene and the development of oral cancer are tightly linked, particularly when it comes to what you put into your mouth. According to the U.S. Public Health Service, cigarette smokers have a 75-90% greater chance of being diagnosed with some form of oral cancer than non-smokers. And multiple studies have also shown the links between oral cancer and excessive alcohol consumption.

So while you can obviously do plenty on your own to keep your oral cancer risks down, what about if you already have oral cancer?

Although the symptoms can be quite noticeable – ranging from red or white lesions on the soft tissues of your mouth and swelling of the face to loose, shifting teeth or numbness in your jaw and face – they are most visible when the cancer is in full swing. By that point, your chances of survival drop considerably, because the cancer has a sizable head start over any treatments.

In other words, by the time you notice the symptoms of oral cancer, it could already be too late.

There is a solution, however, and it is scientifically proven to be the best means for combating any form of oral cancer: Early detection by your Eugene dentist.

Make no mistake: Regardless of whether you have oral cancer or not, you won’t know for sure unless you let a skilled dentist like me take a thorough examination of what’s going on inside of your smile. What I find just could save your life.

A Dental Exam Is Your Best Bet Against Oral Cancer

This is so important that it bears repeating: If you get your mouth examined and if I find evidence of oral cancer, then you are almost certain to live through it if I can catch it in time.

Research by the Oral Cancer Foundation has discovered that, if oral cancer is detected and then treated while in the early stages of its development, then the survival rate for the patient is a whopping 80-90%! Again, it is not a guarantee, but it is certainly much more than a fighting chance; it’s like having an army at your back!

But if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. The reason why oral cancer is so deadly is that the vast majority of cases are diagnosed too late for treatments to matter; the cancer has already aggressively metastasized, or spread throughout the body, causing survival rates to plummet.

Indeed, of the 48,330 new oral cancer diagnoses that the ACS estimates will be made by the end of this very year, just over 9,000 of those diagnoses will result in the death of the patient. And according to the scientific literature, those deaths are primarily due to the fact that the cancer itself was caught too late in its development cycle.

The point that I want to make to you is that you or a loved one don’t have to be one of those unfortunate 9,000 souls who will succumb to a preventable oral cancer if – and only if – you make your appointment to see me and get a dental examination right away.

Secure Your Health With An Appointment

The only way that my expertise can be of any help to you or a loved who who might be at a greater risk for oral cancer is if I can perform an examination in my office.

You can’t self-diagnose or home-remedy your way out of this problem, but my staff and I are passionate and ready to help you, but you must call to make your appointment while there is still time. I can perform a professional teeth cleaning and, in the process, test any plaque for cancerous cells.

To make your appointment, I invite you to call me at 458-205-5189, or you may click here to request an appointment online. We’re more than happy to take a look to set your mind at ease.

I hope that, for the sake of your health or for the health of a loved one, that you make the right choice, and make your appointment today!



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