Gum Contouring: The Shape Of Smiles To Come

When you think about your smile, what comes to mind?

Your teeth probably come first in your mind. Straight or crooked, glistening white or dingy yellow, they play lead vocals in the chorus of our mouths. They get all of the attention, for good or for bad.

Your gums, however, are like the backup singers. You don’t really pay much attention to them unless they’re very good or, as is too often the case with your gums, very bad.

Poor, misshapen gums can throw off the harmony of your smile. They can completely drown out the brilliance of your teeth if they’re in especially bad shape, leaving you stuck with a smile that’s less than what it could be.

Even if your gums are healthy, they might be ugly to look at: Too high, too low, or just marching to the beat of their own drummer, your gums are a source of embarrassment, but you think there’s nothing you can do to fix it, right?


My practice is highly skilled in the latest gum-reshaping technology on the market today, and can give you a smile and a gum line that doesn’t miss a beat.

Laser Diode Treatment For Safe, Accurate Results

It used to be that fixing the shape of disagreeable gums required the use of a scalpel or other bladed surgical instrument. It’s a frightening thought considering how vulnerable and sensitive gum tissues can be, and this can turn many people off from fixing their gums and learning instead to live with a shameful smile.

I’m happy to report that that approach is as dead as disco.

With laser diode technology, we can give you the gums you want without going under the knife.

Using a method similar to LASIK eye surgery, we can provide fast, efficient gum re-contouring that is less invasive than a scalpel, and is far more accurate.

For you, it’s a better smile without all of the pain and fear that you would’ve experienced a generation ago. By keeping with the times, we can keep our patients in better spirits with better smiles.

Having just the right amount, length, and contour of gum tissue is crucial to having a smile you can be confident in. Studies show that there are significant benefits to this kind of confidence, making you more likely to engage in social activities and, most importantly, more likely to smile.

You’ve done enough in your life to deserve a smile like that. By denying yourself those benefits, either out of fear or belief that you’re not worth it, you’re cutting yourself off from achieving the highest levels of self-esteem possible.

If you have children, this can result in setting a poor example for them when it comes to how they should carry themselves in the world.

A simple procedure like laser gum-reshaping can have a “multiplier” effect on everyone in your life, touching them in ways you can’t imagine. Since children are more perceptive than we realize, you owe it to them to put your best foot forward in all things, even if it’s just smiling.

As a parent myself, I know that I want my children to see me at my strong and confident best. Don’t you, too?

Not Just Cosmetic

Sure, they’ll give you a prettier, more vibrant smile, but the benefits of having ideally shaped gums can promote a wide variety of benefits to your total oral health, as well.

A gum line that flows and frames your teeth as they should can make it easier to maintain your smile. Gums that block full access to teeth can make it difficult to floss, for example.

A receding gum line can expose more area of the tooth to food, and allow for food particles to get trapped more easily in your gum line.

This technology can also allow us to contour the gum in advance of restorative procedures, known as crown lengthening.

So you won’t have to go under a knife while we prepare you for more substantive procedures like crowns or bridges, when we need to have greater access to a tooth in order to repair it.

If your gums are threatening to break up the band, don’t hesitate to call us at 458-205-5189 today, or set up an appointment with us online through our website.



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