What Can Tooth Bonding Do For You?

If you are like us, you don't have unlimited funds to spend on whatever you want or need. You want to get the maximum benefit from each dollar you spend. That's true whether you are going to the grocery store, getting your car fixed, or receiving dental care. We understand and share your concerns...
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Top 5 Reasons To Use Invisalign Over Braces

Welcome back to another blog by Eugene Family Dental! Today, we would love to talk to you about an amazing orthodontic option that many patients prefer over traditional braces: Invisalign. Crooked teeth don’t discriminate. It does not matter your background, your creed, or your class, because t...
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How To Handle A Dental Emergency [INFOGRAPHIC]

Unfortunately, dental emergencies are sometimes simply a fact of life. But do YOU know what to do if one happens to you? Check out our infographic below for the four steps you should take if you experience a dental emergency. You can reach your friends at Eugene Family Dental at 458-205-5189. We wou...
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Dr. Thomas’ Dental Emergency Quiz

You're at your child's umpteenth little league game of the season. One minute, everything is fine. The next, everything is in chaos: A pop fly, or errant bat, or haphazard slide into home base, has resulted in a serious oral injury. When that happens, do you know what you should do to help you an...
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Laughing Gas Explained

If you're nervous about getting necessary dental work – even the thought of it might be making your skin crawl as you read this – then you're not alone: Millions of Americans suffer from some kind of fear of the dentist. In its more moderate to extreme forms, this can lead to dental phobia, whic...
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Why Is Dehydration Dangerous … To Your Smile?

As we get deeper and deeper into the month of June, there’s more and more opportunity to get out and enjoy what passes for summer in the Pacific Northwest. Here, summer is more of a state of mind, but nonetheless, we go through the same motions as most places around the country: Summer sports, ...
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What Can A Smile Makeover Give YOU?

They say it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown – but “they” never met Bob. Bob has been a patient of mine for years, but when we first met, Bob wasn’t smiling. And it’s not like I could blame him: For years, Bob had put up with a number of broken teeth, injuries he had sustained...
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Teeth Whitening Revealed

The desire for a whiter, more attractive smile is a natural response when the smile you have is dingy, discolored, and a source of shame. If you've tried over-the-counter whitening gels only to be disappointed, then check out our latest infographic to learn how a professional gel from your Eugene de...
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