A Straighter Smile For All Ages With Invisalign

You remember what it was like to try to fit in, don’t you? Those awkward teenage years when all you really wanted was to “be cool?”

Heaven help you if you needed braces.

For a lot of people like you, wearing a set of metal braces would be like having a shiny bulls-eye placed right over your mouth. You might as well have shown up to school with a “kick me” sign sewn into the back of your shirt.

It’s unfair, but it’s just the way the world works.

You’re an adult now, and you probably have kids of your own. Yet those feelings of shame and inadequacy can stay with you, even to this day, putting a limit on your self-esteem that you can never quite shake.

It’s caused you to accept an inferior smile and the crooked, jagged teeth that come with it. You saw how badly other kids would get treated if they got braces, and so you flew under their radar, letting your smile degrade over time.

So what are you going to do now that your kids needs braces? Are you going to force them to accept the same kind of Catch-22 that you had to put up with? Or will you lead by example?

Since they were born, you’ve seen your child’s teeth slowly come to resemble your own less-than-perfect smile, and that old fear of yours has resurfaced – or maybe it has never really gone away.

You want better for them that what you had, don’t you?

Of course you do. That’s just part of being a good parent.

My practice can offer you and your whole family a solution that sidesteps all of those nasty concerns to give you what’s most important: A treatment to create a straighter, healthier smile that’s undetectable by any bully, and confidence that will carry your family far in life.

That solution? It’s called Invisalign, and it’s not just for kids.

It’s for anyone ready to accept a better smile and renewed confidence.

What is Invisalign?

We’ve already discussed this fantastic product a little bit on this blog, but we’ve really only scratched the surface of how Invisalign clear braces can restore self-esteem beyond what you thought was possible – and what you thought you deserved.

Before we go any further, let’s look at how Invisalign works.

The first step in getting your family’s smile in order is an examination.

When you were growing up, this meant a lot of poking and prodding with cold steel instruments. I’m happy to report that we’ve managed to reduce those strange probes over the year, and in large part by using cutting edge computer imaging technology.

This eliminates guesswork and saves you time, leaving only the data we need to improve your smile or the smile of a loved one.

We will then scan your entire mouth and provide a three-dimensional image right in the same room with you. It takes just a matter of minutes.

Then, we’ll use special software in order to plot the steps needed to get your teeth into their ideal position. We’ll share that process with you, too, right from the office.

In my experience, kids think it’s the coolest thing to see their teeth in living color on a computer screen, which can help put their guard down if they’re anxious about receiving treatment.

Once you’ve signed off on the plan we’ve created, we’ll send it off to the company which creates the Invisalign components themselves. They will fabricate your Invisalign retainers, which are basically clear pieces of bio-safe plastic created from the scanned image of your mouth and the plan that we created in our office.

Every few weeks, a new set will arrive to replace the one you’ve been using. Once you’ve worn all of your sets (usually taking upwards of a year or more), then congratulations are in order: A new, more perfect smile has been created right under your nose!

Metal Braces: A Thing Of The Past

Yes, you read that right: Invisalign is made of a safe plastic that doesn’t need to be “installed” in your mouth with a lengthy appointment full of pain and discomfort. We’re fixing your teeth, after all, not a car engine.

That plastic material is free from harmful byproducts, most notably BPA, or Bisphenol A, which is commonly found in cheap plastics. Invisalign is perfect for holistic approaches to dentistry that are easier on your body overall.

Invisalign braces almost look like any normal athletic mouthguard, and are heat-treated to make it them as resilient as those scary metal braces while capable of achieving better results.

This gives them a greater level of flexibility that metal braces and clear ceramic Fastbraces can never have. They can be removed whenever is convenient for you or your child, eliminating the risk of injury during physical activity, such as when metal braces chafe against your gums and cheeks.

They’re perfectly safe to take on vacations to the beach, as well, but we’d recommend taking them out and storing them elsewhere or else they might get swept out to sea!

The comfort of Invisalign is two-fold. For one, you won’t be sporting a mouth full of wires and rubber bands. Secondly, because we design each set of Invisalign braces to the unique shape of your mouth, they’ll fit like a glove. In fact, they are so comfortable that many users sleep in them, killing two birds with one stone.

They’ll let you eat whatever you want without having to worry about your braces acting like a fisherman’s net for food particles. This eliminates maintenance time, and allows you to focus brushing and flossing your teeth, not scrubbing hunks of unsightly metal.

Fixing Smiles and Preserving Confidence

While the primary benefit of a straighter smile is better oral health, we understand that you and your family are people living in the real world same as anybody else.

Other things, like the short term decision to avoid braces because they’re embarrassing, can get in the way of good dental hygiene. What’s ironic is that, in the long run, neglecting a serious need for smile correction will only make embarrassment and oral health worse.

The good news is that it’s a mistake no one has to make anymore. Invisalign helps rebuild self-esteem by refusing to give bullies a target for their abuse while correcting smiles.

Due to their translucent appearance and reduced profile, nobody will be able to tell when you’re wearing them.

For your children, this means they won’t be the target of a bully’s attention just because your family has decided to put a premium on dental health. It will make social interaction easier, especially during those critical teenage years, when the brain begins to cement habits for social situations and group behavior.

Without a bully weighing them down, they’re more apt to improve in their studies and generally enjoy their adolescence in a way that might have been difficult for you if you didn’t have braces but needed them, or had braces but were forced to deal with the bullies that came with them.

Invisalign cuts through those issues to deliver important smile correction therapy, building confidence in the short run as well as for the long haul.

More Than A Schoolyard Defense

As I mentioned earlier, Invisalign isn’t just for kids.

The same benefits I’ve outlined works for people of all ages.

For you, the discreet profile of Invisalign clear braces lets you go where you want when you want to. A night on the town or at the theater. Climbing a mountain or swimming in the ocean. You can do all of these things and more because Invisalign won’t hold you back.

In the professional world, you’ve might have learned the hard way that those same old playground bullies can grow up and get a job the same as everyone else. So don’t give them any more ammunition, and let Invisalign do the hard stuff for you.

Before you know it, you’ll have the straightest, most beautiful smile in your entire office.

That boost in your self-esteem will be noticeable to others, and can be infectious to your family. What you want more than success is a happy, healthy family that looks up to you. By improving your smile with Invisalign, you’ll make those goals easier to attain, and look good while you’re doing it.

Say “Yes” To Yourself

Low levels of confidence can trap you in a cycle where you’re so beaten down that you don’t have the energy to change things. And because you don’t have the energy to change things, nothing changes, making you feel even worse. And so on.

Yet you can break that cycle, for yourself or a loved one, with one simple action. Every journey has to start with that first, solitary step, after all.

You have that power.

So take that first step now, and call my team at Eugene Family Dental at 458-205-5189, or request an appointment with us online.

After the first step, the second will be easier. Before you know it, you and your family will be at the end of your journey, looking back on hardships with a radiant smile.



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