A Smile You Can Be Proud of in Eugene, OR

Are you ashamed of your smile? Your smile has a direct effect on your happiness. Numerous studies have shown that people who smile more often, even when they’re not in a good mood, end up being happier than those that refrain from smiling. But if you’re embarrassed by the condition or appearance of your teeth, it can dramatically lower your self-esteem.

When it comes time for family photos, are you confident enough to smile wide for the camera? Or are you embarrassed by damaged or crooked teeth? If you’ve lived with a smile you hate for years, you may be interested in learning about the numerous procedure now available to make you love your smile once more.

At Eugene Family Dental in Eugene, OR, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to help change the appearance of your smile. Knowledge is the first step towards action, so give this article a read for some important information about how cosmetic dentistry can completely reshape your smile and change your life.

We begin all cosmetic dentistry appointments with a through examination of your mouth and oral health; this helps us ensure that we practice procedures which will deliver you best results. In addition, we invite feedback and questions from you during the entire process. We truly want to work together to find smile solutions that meet your needs and desires.

Many of the cosmetic services we offer can be completely as quickly as one appointment. We can use veneers to radically transform your smile, by covering misshapen teeth, or correcting cracked or chipped teeth. We can ultimately reshape, realign, and put a whole new spin on your smile. Best of all veneers can be applied in one to two appointments.

Faster than even veneers, professional tooth whitening may be a great option for you if you’re unhappy about stains or yellow teeth. We offer two types of professional whitening at our office; both an in-office procedure and a professional strength take-home kit. We can actually have your teeth up to eight shades whiter in a single appointment!

We also offer cosmetic bonding as a quick and cost-effective way to repair flaws in your smile. In just one appointment, we can bond composite resin to your teeth to change the appearance of your teeth, reshape them, repair cracks and even close small gaps.

If you have more complicated problems that would normally require the use of adult braces to solve, we also offer Invisalign. Invisalign is an incredible alternative to adult braces that uses a series of transparent aligners to reposition your teeth, without filling your mouth with the metal that braces entail. Invisalign can gently bring you amazing results in as little as a year of use. Best of all, no one even has to know that you’re wearing them!

So stop living with a smile you hate, and make an appointment at Eugene Family Dental in Eugene, OR. We can be reached to schedule a smile consultation at 458-205-5189.



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